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Pharmaceutical guide

medications-257346_960_720Pharmaceutical guide

If asked to name one thing that affects our life in most phases one would hardly say pharmaceuticals. But wait this is a fact that most of us since our birth depend on pharmaceuticals in one-way or other. Definitely by age our dependence on pharmacy products increases but even teenagers and young ones consume a big percentage of pharmaceutical derivatives.

Pharmaceuticals play a vital role in our day-to-day living. And hence their rising costs are destined to be our major concern. The ever growing prices of pharmaceutical products severely pinches one’s pocket, cause this is one area where there is no choice of take or leave. If a person is suffering from certain disease and the doctor prescribes him any medicines he must purchase it whether it suits his pocket or not. One is left with no choice but to pay the chemist. Hence there is a great need to regulate the prices of drugs, at least to watch that its price is not much above the cost incurred plus a marginal profit for the manufacturing company. As of now many market leaders are found to price their monopoly drugs at a very high rate. Even medicines or regular use are very costly. Drugs sold by prescription being much more expensive than those sold over the counter by the chemist. Hence, a person is often tempted to go for over the counter choice.

Big pharmaceutical players in the market also pay much attention to research and development of new medications possible. A big amount of money is invested in the R & D branch of the industry. Based on the market requirements and demands companies try hard to invent a suitable drug to cure any ailment. Millions are spend in this type of research. And once any company hopes to have created any new medicine it has to pass through many different stages to get the approval of the drug controlling authority, FDA. FDA governs the stages of research, development and manufacture that have been undergone for any new drug before being exposed to consumers. Only after it has approved and given its quality assurance any drug shall be sold to public.

Even before any drug is presented to FDA it undergoes intensive testing which is carried on animals and even humans. These tests confirm about the effectiveness of the medicine and makes sure that the invented drug does not have any serious side effects. Animals that are used to carry these tests often raise a controversy among the environmentalists. They strongly object about animals being tortured for the benefit of mankind. While the companies defend by saying that it is important to save mankind and those animals can easily reproduce. Whatever be the case this controversy goes on forever without a suitable solution. All this research work is necessary so that the ultimate consumer gets nothing but the best.

With the high growth rate in the pharmaceutical industry all the companies employed in this sector are facing though competition. There is a constant endeavor to attract the consumers by direct marketing and efficient advertising plans targeted towards customers. We all need to be aware of what types of drugs are available in the market and take our judgment meticulously and not get carried away by advertisements.

Rising Medical Cost Solution is Online Pharmacy

medications-257333_960_720Rising Medical Cost Solution is Online Pharmacy

Let us discuss about the present medical system in USA. Being ill, one must see a doctor for consultation after paying some fees. Then he will rush to the Medicine shops for medicine, which is the remedial treatment of his disease. If the disease is complicated that warrants stay at hospital and /or operation, he will be admitted to a hospital and can go home after recovery only after paying the bills of the hospital. In every case the bill is fat and some times go beyond the reach of one’s capacity. People like me have studied and raised voice against such system.

Cost of medical treatment is enormous in America, thanks to the systems developed here. There is an unholy nexus between the Insurance companies, doctors and medical Service providers, which has sky rocketed the medical treatment cost. The situation is so much grave that we have once read that 25% of Americans have no health insurance coverage.

Because maintaining the insurance is also a high cost affair and may be beyond the reach of common Americans so much trapped with Credit Card Bills, rising unemployment or under employment or other problems.

The high cost of medicine has led to the development of the On line Pharmacies. Every internet site is now flooded with advertisements of them trumpeting that they are the best and reliable.

We are not very sure about the authenticity of these Online drugs.

The On line pharmacies sell medicines without doctor’s prescription, more over, they offer Online Prescriptions recommending medicines, if any person asks for a particular disease.

This probably helps the person get back the cost of medicines from the Insurance companies. Some times insurance companies refuse to pay the cost of such types of medicines.

The tussle is still on. May be one day federal rule will be enacted so that insurance companies may be forced to pay the online medicine bills to the benefits of common Americans.

The purchasing of medicines from a Discount Pharmacy is very common in the country, as you will get generic drugs at far low price than the Branded ones. So this system is here to stay.

I cannot understand how a Discount Pharmacy can supply medicines with discount! Are they bulk purchase the unpackaged medicines from the manufacturers and package them in their workshop and sell as the generic drug of the branded ones?

In one article I have read that people had to go to either Canada or Mexico to purchase branded drugs at cheap rate. Funny thing is that the medicine is manufactured in America, but cannot be sold at America with affordable price to common citizens, while importers in foreign countries can sale the drug with reduced price. So people residing near the border can cross the border and purchase it at reduced price! Such is the clutch of the Insurance companies in the USA.

So long as this unholy nexus between the insurance companies, health service providers and doctors will last, On line Pharmacy will remain, in spite of propaganda against them.

Because they are the only way to get the right medicines at right moment with or without a prescription with less price which common man can afford.

I am not against the Medical Insurance companies. It is true if we share of risks of high cost of medical treatment among ourselves, nothing is better than this. But it does not mean, that cost of the medical treatment should be jacked up to give the business to the insurance companies so that people are compelled to take the coverage that too also with high premium.

I think Government can do some thing in this respect. People below certain income level can be provided with free treatment or treatment with reduced cost if he is not properly covered under proper medical insurance. My article is getting lengthier. I will raise it again if opportunity comes.

Natural Alternatives to Pharmaceutical Anxiety Medications

apothecary-437743_960_720Natural Alternatives to Pharmaceutical Anxiety Medications

The modern world is a complicated web of required duties, self-imposed duties, social norms, and interpersonal considerations, it isn’t shocking to know that more and more people are succumbing to anxiety. There has to be a perfectly logical reason for the rather sizable market for anxiety medications in the world, after all. However, wise people would understand that not every single problem in the world can be solved by popping a pill. Pharmaceutical solutions aren’t the only ways to deal with all of the anxiety that the world throws at you, particularly since nature provides a few excellent alternatives to practically all forms of medication. While not all herbal and natural anxiety medications are approved by the Food and Drug Administration, a few of them have been verified to have positive effects against anxiety.

There are several herbs that are known to have effective anti-anxiety effects, though results are likely to vary. Among the ones that have clinical studies backing up the claims of the people selling them would be Valerian, which is rapidly starting to seem like an effective herbal treatment for virtually any mood disorder. Valerian is known to contain valerenic acid, which is the closest thing the herb has to an actual active ingredient. This particular component has been known to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, though no one is entirely sure how it does this. Most experts theorize that the compound somehow triggers the release of neural stimulants, making it similar to how pharmaceutical anxiety medications tend to function.

Green tea can also be used as an alternative to conventional anxiety medications, because it contains L-theanine. L-theanine is an amino acid that is known to also be an effective anti-anxiety treatment. Most patients report that this particular amino acid is just as effective in fighting the symptoms of anxiety as the typical pharmaceutical solution, though it does not have any addictive or habit-forming properties. There are a number of other herbs that have L-theanine, but according to clinical studies, none of them have it in a high enough concentration to have any appreciable or noticeable effect. Most samples of green tea commercially available on the market are also low on L-theanine, but there are variants that contain up to 98% in concentration. These blends are the best if the tea is going to be used to fight anxiety.

The passion flower, according to recently concluded studies into the plant’s medicinal potential, can also be used for conditions such as anxiety and related disorders. However, just like Valerian, not all products that passion flower will contain a high enough concentration of the active ingredient to be of any use to someone with anxiety. In the case of the passion flower, the ingredient that works as a pharmaceutical substitute would be vitexin, which needs to be at 3% concentration or higher to have any appreciable effect. It has been found that a herbal tincture that contains both Valerian and passion flower would be more effective than just taking either herbal remedy on its own.

Internet Pharmacies: Are They For Real?

addiction-71574_960_720Internet Pharmacies: Are They For Real?

Over the past couple of years, prices of basic necessities like food, shelter, and clothing have gone up. The cost of health care services was not spared. Its prices started to follow the lead of the other commodities and went up. But even with assurances of high quality services and the latest in modern technology, to the regular Joe, it still meant that keeping healthy now costs more than what it used to be.

Because of the increase in medicine prices imposed by pharmaceutical companies and their retailers, health insurance providers have started adjusting their own terms and have cut out medication costs from the health care plan’s coverage. This did not bode well for senior citizens who were relying on their health care insurances.

And then came online drugstores. They came like a godsend from heaven, answering the consumer’s prayers for an alternative solution to highly priced prescription drugs that are becoming more and more difficult to obtain.

Are web-based pharmacies for real?

People can’t believe the advantages they can get from using Internet-based drugstores. Below are some of the benefits featured by online pharmacies:

It is very convenient to use. There’s no need to leave the house to buy prescriptions any longer. All you need is a good computer, an Internet connection, and a credit card and you’re all set. With just a few click of the mouse buttons, you’re order is archived for processing. It also saves consumers the hassle of traveling to and from the drugstore to get the medicine.

It is cost-efficient. Most online drugstores are discount pharmacies that offer prescription drugs at almost half its regular price. Aside from saving on medication costs, it also helps save money on traveling fare as there is no longer a need to leave the house to go to the pharmacy and back.

It lets consumers order prescription drugs online without a prescription. Although this feature is much debated, people who are unable to afford or physically seek consult from a licensed physician benefit most from this feature.

The other side of the coin

Using Internet pharmacies comes with potential risks. Especially since the transactions are made over the Internet and there running after hoax companies may be more difficult. Here are some of the possible dangers of buying medications online:

You expose yourself to possible identity theft and credit card fraud. The information you entered through the online drugstore’s medical questionnaire can be used by anomalous individuals to assume your identity and use your information to make purchases or close transactions without your permission.

You may receive counterfeit medications. Copy-cat drugs are dangerous to use because they might contain hidden ingredients that may trigger a fatal drug interaction or a severe allergic reaction.

Now that you know the good and the bad side of using Internet pharmacies, the decision to buy from them is entirely up to you. Make sure you check the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy website to see a complete list of accredited online drugstores that are currently in operation.

Why Becoming a Pharmacist Means You Don’t Have to Worry About Student Loans

lab-385348_960_720Why Becoming a Pharmacist Means You Don’t Have to Worry About Student Loans

So you want to become a pharmacist but are not sure where to start? Unlike other careers, there really is only one way to go about becoming a pharmacist. And that is to attend a university and gain a degree. For this reason all prospective pharmacists must have fantastic study abilities as well as the commitment to see out a long six year degree.

Pharmacy is one of the most strenuous degrees to complete, however it is very worthwhile as the career opportunities are excellent. Because the degree takes 6 years to complete full time, all pharmacists are in their mid-20’s or older by they time they are qualified. This gives a person ample time to mature and be absolutely certain this is what they want to do with their life. On the upside, pharmacists earn great money, even in their first year out of university. That is what makes all the study worthwhile.

It is not unusual for pharmacists to work long hours but the pay can often reach $40 or $50 per hour, making it one of the most well paid graduate jobs. A starting salary can begin at $90,000 a year; great incentive for completing your degree and beginning your career. However money should not be the reason you choose pharmacy as a career. You must be knowledgeable at mathematics and chemistry amongst other subjects. The technical study is tough but those with the mental capacity to complete it will come out the other end with considerable knowledge and skills.

To get into pharmacy school you must have excellent high school results in chemistry, mathematics and English. If you are lacking in any of these areas then you will need to complete a bridging course or other qualifications at college before applying for a program in pharmacy studies.

What is the Average Pharmacist Salary?

Pharmacists have the respected role of helping the community with their prescription medications and other medications and treatments. A pharmacist is a trusted local person and one that the community looks up to. The extensive knowledge and wisdom of a pharmacist is often drawn upon by those in need. Your work as a pharmacist will provide many challenges and as such you will want to be remunerated accordingly.

So what is the average pharmacist salary? It is significantly higher than many other lines of work with the average salary being around $105,000. The starting salary is often $75,000. Experienced pharmacists have been known to earn in excess of $150,000 per year depending on the location of work placement.

Pharmacists have the unique benefit of being able to become fully fledged science professionals in their early 20s if they begin studying right after high school. This means you can earn considerable amounts of money at a very young age. You can also pay off your college debt considerably faster than other graduates who must persevere with a low paying graduate job, often for several years before moving up the ranks.

What Tasks do Pharmacists Undertake?

Pharmacists undertake many different tasks including the dispatching of medicines, providing advice on the usage of medicines (both prescription and non-prescription) and working with doctors to formulate the best treatment options and emerging treatments for various illnesses.

Pharmacy is one of the few fields of scientific work where you have direct access to the public. This is ideal if you enjoy talking to people and helping customers. It is not a field of work for those who prefer to be out of the public eye, although pharmacists can also take on laboratory positions if they prefer.

What are the Benefits of Becoming a Pharmacist?

Besides the high starting salary, there are other benefits to becoming a pharmacist including:

– Flexible work schedule

– Wide choice of work location

– Ability to use skills to assist community and charities

– Relaxed environment when compared with other health related scientific fields

These benefits are why more and more people are in training to become a pharmacist. Although it is hard work and requires significant academic skills and commitment, pharmacy is a highly rewarding career that will satisfy your desire to use your skills to help other people.